As part of a recent project for one of our clients, we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the London 2012 Olympic Park in East London. This was all in the company of the legendary Lord Coe and a who’s who of sporting heros. We’re no experts but it looks to us like everything is definitely going to be ready in time and the sheer scale of the development is breathtaking. We can already see the massive positive impact the games are having to this deprived area of London and wish Lord Coe and the team all the best for next year and know it will be hugely successful.

Back in 2009, Leigh Emmerson from POV helped out Basingstoke based film cooperative, Pork Chop Pictures, produce their critically acclaimed short film Meat. The film picked up the ‘Audience choice’ and ‘best actor’ awards at the ’2 Days later’ film festival that year as well as many other accolades.

Writer and producer Mark Brennan felt the idea and chemistry we had created still had massive potential and proceeded to write a series of mini episodes or ‘webisodes’. During the last year the same team have been working at weekends and in their free time to bring these to the screen.

The first episode was shown in Basingstoke at Red Carpet Screening’s September event. As well as going down very well with the audience who are now desperate to see the remaining episodes, the film was also voted by BBC Radio Berkshire’s Bill Buckley as his favourite of the festival. Writer and producer Mark Brennan, said he didn’t even know the film was in the running.

This franchise could be destined for great things as the team have been invited to submit the films to BBC comedy and Channel 4 so watch this space.

POV have been contracted to shoot and film two YouTube virals for corporate training firm THM. The first one, entitled ‘It isn’t Rocket Science’ was filmed last week and contains footage of the firm in action at one of their hands-on management training sessions along with actual NASA Apollo footage as well as the launching of a model rocket made out of a lemonade bottle. Post production on the project is sheduled for next month and the videos will appear on YouTube later this year.

This week the POV team have been helping Queen Mary college produce web based video content about a new piece of computer software called Turnitin. Turnitin is designed to highlight potential plagiarism in students’ work and is being rolled out in institutions such as Queen Mary’s.

We have been tasked with producing eight videos targeted at both staff and students explaining how this revolutionary new tool is being used and its benefits. The clips are being fronted by the brilliant Jayne Constantinis and will be made available on the University’s website later in the year.

Despite the headline, last week POV weren’t involved in capturing a star studded variety show at one of London’s best know theatres, we were actually filming palladium, along with rhodium, platinum and a list of other precious metals that looked like a who’s who of the periodic table. We found ourselves in Swansea and Acton, West London filming two of the countries oldest refineries that specialise in  extracting precious metals.

The footage is to be used for a corporate video for the Brazillian parent company of the two facilities. It was our job to capture the processes involved and to make the  pictures look visually interesting and exciting. This was done with a two man crew shooting on an EX1 High definition camera filming at 30 frames a second in full 1920 X 1080 resolution so the material could be cut with other footage shot in North and South America.

One of the rooms we filmed in contained literally millions of pounds worth of refined metal which is why we had to undergo a thorough search before leaving the building. However the most exciting parts were the massive furnaces used to melt the material at many hundreds of degrees (see the picture above).

When a major UK DIY retailer wanted to get the Internet buzzing and raise some money for charity at the same time, they decided to persuade their employees in all of their 330 stores nationwide to dance to the same piece of music at the same time in store in front of unsuspecting customers. Known as a ‘flash mob’, this stunt, as well as being fun and a great team building exercise for staff, also raised the brand’s profile on the net.

During the three minute group dance, customers from all over the country captured the moment on their mobile phones and uploaded it to Youtube. POV was on hand to ensure that the moment was also captured professionally. Although our brief was to make it look amateur! We were one of three professional crews to capture the action at various locations around the country.

As if you now Google the company, you are presented with a torrent of listings related to the event, I think it can safely be considered a success.

Short horror film Meat… for which POV provided cinematography earlier in the year, recently picked up a clutch of awards at the ’2 Days Later’ film festival. As well as walking away with the coveted ‘AUDIENCE BEST POPULAR SHORTLISTED FILM’, James Burton won best actor and the film’s producer Mark Brennan collected a well deserved best screenplay award.

If you would like to see the ten minute short, it’s now on youtube so enjoy!

For more information on the awards, check out the link below:


POV’s specialist filming services were commissioned recently by cult motoring website Pistonheads. We were asked to film PH editor Chris Rosamond as he visited Nissan’s technical facility at Germany’s infamous Nürburgring to see the new Nissan GT-R in testing.

As well as an exclusive interview with the father of this unique car, GT-R program chief Kazutoshi Mizuno, he also took three breathtaking laps of this world famous circuit in the GT-R. Two in the passenger seat with legionary ringmeisters Toshio Suzuki and Dirk Schoysman and one at the controls under Dirk’s expert instruction.

This is where the real fun started. With the ring costing thousands of euros an hour to rent there was no time to waste. POV fitted the test car with 2 specialist mini cameras and full size camera using specialist mounts to record these laps for the PH readers in full 720p high definition. To date we have produced 17 separate video clips for the website, some of which have already racked up in excess of 7000 hits.

Thanks PH for getting us in for such a fun project!

To see how Chris got on, please visit the Pistonheads website here:

To see the unedited multi-camera versions of the laps, take a look here:


Back in 2008 POV were commissioned by our production partners Trigger Concepts, to come up with a creative treatment and produce two health and safety videos for British Gas Services. These videos formed the foundation for a bold new internal campaign to cut down LTAs (lost time incidents). The campaign, titled ‘what if?’ has just won the top trophy at the IOSH (institute of Occupational Safety and Health awards).

As well as the prestigious ‘Campaign of the Year’ award it also received a highly commended in the ‘Best Achievement in a Utility and Offshore’ category.

‘What if…?’ has been hugely successful in reducing the number of LTAs and in motivating people to personally embrace the safety message.

We at POV would like to congratulate BGS and Trigger and thank them for the opportunity to contribute on such a worth while project.

For more information check out these links:

Meat poster with actors - Small

POV owner, Leigh Emmerson, provided his expertise at the weekend to help Pork Chop Pictures film their short horror film ‘MEAT”. The film is being entered into the ’2 days later’ short film competition. The rules of this competition stipulate the film must be shot within 48 hours. MEAT and the other entries will be screened on Halloween at the Theatre Royal Margate and will be judged by a panel of industry experts. Fingers crossed they’re not vegetarian!