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We spend months, sometimes years, planning it. For most of us it’s the greatest, and a lot of the time, the most expensive, day of our lives. Yet it goes by in a flash. Photographs are brilliant but nothing brings the magic back quite like a wedding film.

POV specialise in producing highly professional wedding videos tailored to your exact requirements without taking over the day.

In every wedding we have filmed, both the bride and groom have said how happy they were that they took the decision to have it recorded and in most cases weren’t even aware of the camera.

POV have 15 years of experience not just producing weddings but making corporate, educational and broadcast programming.

What ever the project we apply the same high quality production values, care and attention.


“The DVD is brilliant, the end makes me cry! Everyone who sees our video is very impressed.”

- Lisa and Anthony Holcroft

Capture your big day

“We both felt at ease and didn’t feel like we were being recorded by a camera man all day. ”

- Sonita and Jonathan Gale

“They worked very closely with us to really tailor the video to our tastes. We felt the final product was perfect.”

- Julia and Graham Coulson